10 Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers

Recently, I took a trip with my 3-year-old that included a flight.

I joked for weeks before that I hope the nice flight attendants wouldn’t have to throw us off the plane due to the notable unruliness of my kid. I laughed with family and co-workers but inside, I was like, ‘man I really hope they don’t’.

In Jaunted’s “10 Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers”

Traveling Dora-style

Traveling Dora-style

, I exercised about 7 of those 10. Here’s a few they didn’t mention:

Bring your baby’s ‘safety thing’: my daughter finds solace in chewing on this blanket she got as a newborn. Her solace is mine. It saved us from the greater part of in-flight tantrums.

Anticipate the discomfort of their ears popping: I bought sugar-free chewing gum – appropriate for kids with teeth. While Little’s jaws were chewing it took some of the pressure off her ears that popped during landing.

Make every part of boarding and flying a big deal/adventure: if your little one is into Dora like mine, even going through security can be made fun. I even made going to the plane’s bathroom and McDonald’s breakfast (an extremely rare treat) into awesome occurrences.


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