Plan for Your Last-Minute Getaway


Your kids are going back to school soon.NemoYOLO

Fall is around the corner.

Maybe you just feel all YOLO*.

Whatever the reason, you may be interested in a last-minute getaway. The incredible prices, seen on sites like Groupon Getaways, are enough to have you whipping out your debit card, accessing some rainy day funds, and booking your trip before you change your mind.

I don’t YOLO…with my money. I like plans – things that are planned out. I say, if you see some awesome deal for a 2-night stay at a spa in Bodega, CA and think to yourself, ‘I have to go on this trip, the kids will be back to school in a few weeks‘, plan.

Is that rainy day money for your last-minute getaways? If not, make up such a fund. Maybe call it the YOLO Fund. That way, when you get back from your eleventh hour trip, you don’t have regrets that lasts past minutes and haunts you far into Winter.


*YOLO – You Only Live Once


2 thoughts on “Plan for Your Last-Minute Getaway

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