I Need A Vacation!!

Me. Time.

Me. Time.

In the mix of taking the kids to school or daycare, trying to make it to work on time, dealing with co-workers and bosses, getting off work in enough time to get decent hours AND pick the kids up on time, looking forward to getting home only so your offspring can bombard you with requests for food, water, and the last strands of your tired sanity and finally falling into bed with un-run errands, grocery lists, bills that need to be paid, bills that definitely won’t be, tomorrow night’s dinner, the field trip slip your baby almost didn’t get you, math problems your 2nd grader took 2 hours to finish, love, life, money, EVERYTHING on your exhausted mind – you utter to yourself, the secret self that doesn’t feel so guilty about not doing more, ‘I need a vacation‘.

Familiar scenario? Good, it’s not just me.

For single parents carrying most, if not all, the duties of parenthood and being responsible for most, if not all, the nourishment and nurturing of our children, we have the most guilt for not doing more. Why is that?

We’re the least likely to take a vacation. The most likely to over-extend ourselves for the betterment of our children or just for their satisfaction, however temporary. Why is that?

You’re running on fumes, find some me-time.

I suggest, finding time to do at least one of the things you love (mine is reading urban fiction) and/or indulging in a guilty pleasure when you have a little time to yourself (mine is chocolate and wine – any wine).

Combine all the points in this article: