My 5 Favorite Apps I Use for Traveling

apps multicolor symbolWe live in a digital world. I am an app-tastic girl. I can’t leave my house without my phone let alone travel without it.

Here are 5 of my favorite apps I use when traveling:

  • Google Maps – get directions  via public transit, walking, and driving
  • GrubHub – see what what eateries deliver in your current area for those days you want delivery in your hotel room
  • TripIt – organize your flight and trip itinerary; have all your plans handy on your phone
  • Travel Advisor – find out more about the place you’ve traveled to; see reviews and photos
  • Instagram – okay, this app may not come to mind when you think of travel but I love how I can take a picture with my phone then share it to several social media sites, instantly!


Best of all, they’re all free!

What are your favorite travel apps?


10 Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers

Recently, I took a trip with my 3-year-old that included a flight.

I joked for weeks before that I hope the nice flight attendants wouldn’t have to throw us off the plane due to the notable unruliness of my kid. I laughed with family and co-workers but inside, I was like, ‘man I really hope they don’t’.

In Jaunted’s “10 Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers”

Traveling Dora-style

Traveling Dora-style

, I exercised about 7 of those 10. Here’s a few they didn’t mention:

Bring your baby’s ‘safety thing’: my daughter finds solace in chewing on this blanket she got as a newborn. Her solace is mine. It saved us from the greater part of in-flight tantrums.

Anticipate the discomfort of their ears popping: I bought sugar-free chewing gum – appropriate for kids with teeth. While Little’s jaws were chewing it took some of the pressure off her ears that popped during landing.

Make every part of boarding and flying a big deal/adventure: if your little one is into Dora like mine, even going through security can be made fun. I even made going to the plane’s bathroom and McDonald’s breakfast (an extremely rare treat) into awesome occurrences.

What Does A Luxury Vacation Look Like To You?

Admittedly, I don’t have any regrets when it comes to having my daughter so young. 3 years later, hard as I’ve found it is, I still feel like everything I want to do, I can do even as someone’s mother.

A lot of the things on my bucket list include my daughter – like traveling. My single mom and I traveled extensively when I was growing up. Some of my fondest memories were created in a different state or country.

That said, there are some things I’d like to do without my daughter – travel. Yep, I want to hop on more planes, trains, or automobiles (if the car ride is under 6 hours) sans toddler. I want to experience luxury without worrying about my little person.



I’ve never truly done this. I close my eyes and can’t really conjure what a luxurious vacation would look like adults-only. Then I read this. Sounds like some luxury I want to visit.

Tell MMC (Mobile Mamas Crew), what’s your luxury vacation look like?

Travel Essentials- Mom Traveling With Kids

TravelWithKids8-20-13If you’re anything like me, the thought of traveling with your kid(s) is exciting and nerve-wrecking all at once. You’re wondering about tantrums in flight, if you’ll forget anything during packing, and what your souvenir budget will be – and how closely you can stick to it. Perhaps, this list can help you on your next trip or, at least, help to dispel some of your worries.


Allie Mac Kay was live from Westlake Village with Style & Beauty expert, Sadie Murray with her top travel essential items. Allie learns what moms should pack when traveling with kids.

For more information on the products featured, see below:

  • “Pack This” Notepad: Tells you exactly what to pack! Available here for $7. Pre-plan your kid’s suitcases with this handy notepad, to minimize packing stress!
  • Erin Condren Lunchboxes: Make the road trip memorable with special lunch boxes that can be customized with your child’s name, trip date, and more. Available here for $48. BPA & phlalate free, the entire lunch box is dishwasher safe, unsnaps for easy cleaning, and comes with tupperware and icepack.
  • CHOOZE shoes: Available here from $25 to $47. Encourages kids to be creative by letting them ‘choose’ their favorite patterns and colors to wear together. Easy to slip on and off at TSA checkpoint, so key when traveling with kids!

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Meeting Your Followers: Do’s Of Meeting Social Network Friends In-Person

Meet Yo Twitter/Social Network Followers

Meet Yo Twitter/Social Network Followers

I’ve had my share of taking online interactions via social networks and online dating, live. Recently I had a great vacation with a friend who I met on Twitter.

I’ve also had some not so great experiences so keep these Do’s in mind:

Do – Take your time to meet up. Take the time before meeting to talk and get to know each other better.

Do – Trust your intuition. If meeting up doesn’t feel quite right, stay home.

Do – Video chat and talk on the phone.

Do – Meet up in an open area. Tell a family member or friend where you’ll be going and the name of the person your friend.

Do – Research. Find out more about this person with a good, old-fashioned Google search.

If people can find real love and make real money via social networks, they, too can make real friends.