Rent A Condo, Instead


I’ve stumbled upon – a TravelAdvisor site – where you can find home rentals for your next vacation. It’s changed the way I think of vacation accommodations.

If you’ve ever looked at a hotel’s mini fridge and gotten annoyed, A) because there’s no room for groceries and B) everything in there is monstrously over-priced, consider renting a vacation home next time.

If you’ve ever been glad to be away from home but desired homey accommodations (hotels can be so commercial sometimes), you’d be good to consider renting a place versus staying at a hotel on your next trip.

Did I mention that renting a home for vacation is cheaper than some hotel or resort stays but may include some of the same perks like housekeeping, cable, and a pool?

I’m not swearing off hotels or resorts, they’re awesome in their own right, but vacationing in a Puerto Rico penthouse is awesome in it’s own right!

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