Too Broke To Travel? – Vacation Transportation


Taxi Cab

Instead of cramming my ways to save for and on vacation into one super-post, I’m writing them in a series, ‘Too Broke To Travel?‘.

Let’s face it, mama. You don’t plan trips or actually take them because you’re worried you won’t be able to afford it. Of all the reasons, us single moms don’t travel, the one reason that stands high above them all is, money.

Money. Even those of us with healthy salaries wish we had more. After all, we’re still using one income to supplement an entire household. And, it’s hard. Whether you have one kid or five, it’s hard.

A lot of us have become pro budgeters, seemingly doing magic tricks with our paychecks.

In every aspect of a vacation, money is a question, a comment, and a decision-maker.

Today, let’s talk about: vacation transportation and how you can afford it.

This includes transportation to the airport or destination, from the airport or destination, and while you’re vacationing.

For my trip to Florida last month, my daughter and I took public transportation to the Chicago Midway Airport. It was seamless. We’re lucky to live in a big city that makes this possible and I’m lucky my job pays for a transit card so I can go anywhere on public transit for free.

Let’s just say I learned my lesson when I took a livery cab from my apartment to the airport for a trip to Virginia. That fare was so high, I almost didn’t want to pay the driver. Never again!

Always find out if there’s shuttle service from the airport to your accommodations. Sometimes, if there is, it’s free. Hooray for free!

If there isn’t, and you have to take a cab, find out, in advance, how much that fare would be. In fact, if a cab will be your source of transportation on your vacation, find out how much your cab itinerary will cost.

Don’t YOLO, your trip. Create an itinerary. Find out what there is to do where you’re going and create a schedule. Then find out how much it will cost to get from one place to another. I suggest using Google Maps to find out how many miles places are from each other and what’s in surrounding areas so you’re not going to far out of your way for food and activities.

Do the same if you’re renting car and find out the gas prices for the place you’ll be in.

Transportation needs to be a category on your trip budget. Don’t be afraid to travel because you believe expenses are out of your league. Do research. Take my advice.


It’s always nice to know what your expenses are and exactly how much your entire vacation will cost before traveling.

Join me on the Mobile Mamas Crew Summer Cruise for 2014. With the help of a certified travel agent, I’ve coordinated a trip that is affordable, luxurious, and fun! Every aspect of this trip will be taken care of – including transportation. Don’t you like the sound of that? Everything you need to know is here.