Travel With Other Single, Black Moms…

 I created The Mobile Mamas Crew so that Black, single moms could connect and travel with other moms they could relate to, save money traveling, and not have to worry about planning the trip.

I teamed up with a few certified travel agents and, after planning a girlfriends trip as well as other trips for myself, I knew I had an affinity for travel coordination. Call me a travel planning concierge. I do well with picking the place, suggesting luxurious yet affordable accommodations, and putting together an activity itinerary.

I want to change some of the mental roadblocks that come up when we’re sighing after a long day or particularly stressful ordeal, when thoughts of a quick getaway really surface. Instead of thinking we can’t afford a vacation right now or that we can’t (won’t) take days off of work or that we don’t want to leave our children in someone else’s care while we go on vacation, I want us to think about The Mobile Mamas Crew. I want us to think about how this group travel club is here for us. It’s here for only affordable vacations that take into account who we are and what we have time for. Getaways that would, sometimes, include our children and keep in mind our often limiting budgets.

As single mothers doing a job that others struggle with in 2-parent homes, we want to be around women who understand us;  been there, done that. We want a sounding board or just a shoulder, sometimes. We want a chance to disrobe the demanding role of our everyday selves; relax and take a trip with girlfriends.

Our kids deserve the happier, healthier versions of us. They deserve to take some of those luxurious vacations with us, meet new kids, and explore the world they live in.


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